The Heart Chakra / Anahata

What is the Heart Chakra? What are the benefits of the Anahat Chakra?

The place of Anahat

The chakra which resides in the centre of heart and that always generates some flowing soft noise is called Anahat.

The place of this Anahat chakra is behind the heart where the rib cages from both the ends meet together and just behind the spinal cord and in heart region.

As per recognized yogis and savants of this subject like ‘Patanjali’ discuss Muladhar in ‘Yog-Sutras’ as like a lotus flower in association with it’s twelve petals with the sacred hymn Yam in the centre.

The gist behind the petal

All the twelve petals that have been shown correlated with Anahat chakra are like a human nature that works as shackle to bind a man to go upward.

These petals indicate the tendencies of human race including anxiety, lust, deceit, expectation, hesitation, ego, discrimination, incompetence and defiance.

Anahat is the centre of light of knowledge so when the knowledge awakened through this chakra all these tendencies removed and a man becomes free of those bondages, the light from Anahat chakra or the rhythmic voice of Anahat can be heard then.

heart chakra
Physiological term of Anahat Chakra

The Yoga aphorisms that describe the location of the Anahat chara and the doctor’s physiological research have been proved unified and parallel statement regarding the place of Anahat Chakra.

The doctor points out the thymus gland exactly in the chest where the Anahat has already been pointed out.

Anahat chara is associated with the skin, the touch and the action of hands. Anahat chakra is comprised with the thymus gland in endocrine system.

The impression of Anahat chakra in physical and spiritual realm

The Anahat chakra is awakened through variety of techniques and activities like persistent Japa, Pranayam, and meditation.

When this chakra is awakened, the first impression that imposes on physical body is all the croak voice of a man vanishes immediately as this chakra supports to the Nad (rhythmic voice of heart).

The quality of decision making without falling in the pressure of emotions is instantly developed within a man. The feelings of love and harmony is increased, a man starts thinks himself united with the whole world.

As far as the spiritual impressions are concerned, extra sensory perception or power beyond the sense and the imagination is accumulated.

A man gets rid of all the shackles of the bondages of instinct.  And from that stage the real journey of spiritual realm take place and man really become the qualified and worthy for the salvation.

In Kundalini Yoga, the descriptive method of awakening the Anahat has been described.