Third Eye Chakra / Ajna

What is the Third Eye / Ajna Chakra? How does the Ajna Chakra Works and what are its benefits?

Short description of this chakra

It is often said that Ajna Chakra drives entire body because it resides in the centre of forehead, between the middle of both the eyebrows.

Yogic mentors say that Ajna chakra is accountable for receiving all the spiritual perceptions and highest worldly matters.

Entire human race has two eyes but whose Ajna chakra is awakened, it is said that his third eye is opened. “Medulla plexus or “Pineal plexus” is it’s English name.

Its element and the petals

As per the yogic aphorism exclaimed in Yogic scriptures and Vedas, Anya chakra contains such an omniscient element where all the other elements is generated from.

The ambition and the aspect behind awakening this chakra is to get self realization experience.  The seed manta of this chakra is OM the glorious chant.  The chakra has two petals.

Third Eye / Ajna Chakra
The Function of this sacred Chakra

This Ajna chakra has close relation with pineal gland and pituitary gland. So, it helps these glands for healthy secretion of the hormones.

In spiritual aspects, Ajna chakra is the main gate for receiving the divine power and extra sensory perception.

All the dreams and foresights are experienced through this chakra. All the function of the body that is run by nerve center is controlled by this chakra and this chakra is prime means to connect this soul with omniscient supreme soul.

Benefits of awakening this chakra

This chakra is manifestation of divine qualities like unity, emptiness, truth, consciousness and speechless bliss.

When this chakra is opened with proper means of practices, we feel the unity of our soul with the supreme soul.

The knowledge of superior spirituality enters into our mind and we feel as we are empty and free of ego and arrogance.

This chakra is the symbol of knowledge, so with the opening of this chakra the truth knowledge is awakened.

A man becomes like a man of God so he awakens all his silent conscious and he feels the unbound bliss and joy.

And photographic level of memory is expanded as per the awakening of this Ajna Chara.